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Tempest is AEG's new line of designer board games set in a unique shared world beautifully realized by artists Andrew Hepworth and Jeffrey Himmelman. Each game shares the setting and characters with other games, yet occupies its own unique position in the over-arcing story. Come explore the City-State of Tempest!


The royal court of the City-State of Tempest is the center of fashion and culture. Inside the palace, the wealthy, wise, and powerful mingle, and their conversations shape the future. For a skilled negotiator, there is no better place to be. An idea seeded here, a name dropped there, a favor turned, and a courtier can quickly rise to prominence, wealth, knighthood, and more.


Courtier is a game of the royal court of the City-State of Tempest. Play cards to influence key personalities or adjust the board to your advantage. Gain control of coteries to use their special abilities. Influence the right courtiers, and complete petitions to score points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!


• The perfect gateway game for Tempest

• Designed by Philip duBarry, designer of Revolution!

• Players compete for public goals, yet have private ones as well

• Plays in under an hour!


Contents: 48 influence cards, 44 power cards, 26 petition cards, 17 fashion cards, 8 coterie ability cards, wooden cubes, game board and rules.

Players: 2-4 players           

Ages: 10 & Up           

Playing Time: 60 minutes


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